About My Cocoa

Cacao Mio is a Mexican based brand, founded by women in 2021 with a common passion: sharing the pleasure of healthy food.

At Cacao Mío, we are deeply proud of our philosophy of clean and natural ingredients. We are committed to bringing you products that reflect our commitment to health and wellness. From the beginning, we have chosen not to use palm oil, artificial ingredients or chemicals in any of our creations. This not only guarantees the purity of our products, but also contributes to a sustainable approach to your health and the planet.

At Cacao Mío we are committed to healthy and responsible pleasure

About Us - Healthy and nutritious spreads to nurture your best version

Nurturing your best version

At Cacao Mío, we uphold the fundamental belief that health begins in the kitchen and that food has a profound impact on all aspects of life. With this conviction in mind, we have brought to life products that reflect our passion for nutrition and well-being. Our products fuse innovation, nutrition and flavor in every bite. We are here to provide you with the energy you need to live your life to the fullest.

Stone Grinding and Small Batches

In Cacao Mio, we work in small batches, offering you the best artesanal product. We grind our small batches at low speeds, for long hours, adding the ingredients of our recipe just at the right time of the manufacturing process. This slow stone-grinding process results in the irresistible and delicious texture of Cacao Mío. In addition, this ancient technique helps preserve the nutritional benefits of our ingredients in each bite.